What do you do with the money raised?

Our program creates immediate care within the Northwest Arkansas community without raising taxes by making sure that all your volunteerism stays local first! This local outreach program is designed to keep all the money raised local, with local chapters and government. This organization is operated on an all-volunteer basis.  None of the members receive compensation.  The only funds utilized by the chapter are for the maintenance and upkeep on the vehicles that are used to deliver the love and encouragement raised by the community.


Why pink?

This is a rebranding and consolidation of the age-old duty of men, to protect our women. This movement to celebrate women by wearing her color and then helping them locally with their battle against all cancer and other health issues cannot be ignored.  We have picked all cancer and other health issues to wage war against on her behalf. Beyond that, men were put here to protect her, at all costs.



Why all the signatures on the truck

The real heroes, celebrities and angels are the thousands of names that have been written on the pink fire trucks.  We carry their pain and suffering due to cancer, we share their tears of sorrow from a loss, and tears of joy from a victory over this disease. This is not just about survivors, it’s about love and hope and that even though people have lost their lives due to cancer we allow their memory to live on and their story of sacrifice to be shared. Though this program fist started supporting people battling cancer we have expanded it to include tall major illnesses. Those signatures now represent men, women and children that have battled a major illness as well as their loved ones that have left them a message of love and encouragement.


Things to remember…

Remember every time people see our trucks; they are inspired to go out and do something selfless for people in the local community.

Remember this is about love and hope first, in the form of pink fire trucks and the selfless act of letting them sign their Stories of Sacrifice!

Remember what we have created is very powerful; some people might see these trucks as a way to market a product or business and that is not what we’re about. We give this power for free to communities to celebrate their women and families, so they can go out and help their own non-profits close to home.

Remember tax-based organizations, politicians, military, teachers, labor unions, motorcycle groups; professional sports teams and any other groups that are made up of people of substance and character can use our proven system to benefit their own community.